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Where it Started

Iris, a seasoned professional with over 30 years in the hairdressing industry, has nurtured her passion for both hairstyling and entrepreneurship, culminating in the creation of this exceptional salon.

Her journey began with training in Belgium, followed by a unique experience styling hair aboard cruise ships. Settling in the scenic south of England, she honed her skills at an extraordinary salon, working alongside some of the world’s top hairstylists.

This invaluable experience paved the way for Iris to embark on her entrepreneurial adventure. Taking a leap of faith, she founded her own salon, combining her talent and vision to offer exceptional hairstyling services. As life unfolded and her family grew, Iris sought the perfect environment for her daughter, leading her to choose Australia as their new home.

In Australia, Iris took on diverse roles in her salon journey, from
managing a home-based salon to a smaller boutique establishment and
now, a thriving large-scale salon with an exceptional team. The story is
still unfolding, and Iris is excited for the next chapter in her journey,
making her mark in the Australian hairdressing scene. Welcome to this
exciting phase of her incredible hairdressing adventure.

Our Tribe

Helena: Manager & Creative Designer


Stylist in the Spotlight:
Meet Helena, our Sassy Lived in Blonde guru and Glamour Wave expert. Instead of calling it a “signature style,” let’s dub it “Helena’s Hair Magic.” She doesn’t just create styles; she weaves magic into every strand, turning every hairstyle into a masterpiece that is unique as you are.

Fun Facts:
Here’s a little scoop on Helena – She’s got a soft spot for travel, so if you’ve got a favourite destination, you might just find your hair inspiration there.

Tagline Time:
Helena’s motto? “Blondes have more fun, and so should your hair!” Trust this UK-born Stylist to sprinkle a bit of British charm into your salon experience. She’s not just managing the salon; she’s making sure your hair journey is a rollercoaster of style and good vibes. 

Fiona: Creative Designer


Fiona’s Hair Craft:
Fiona, our UK-born artist with a South African twist. Call it “Fiona’s Coif Craft” – where she turns hair into a masterpiece.

Fiona’s Family Vibe:
Did you know Fiona’s a mom of three. Dedicated to her family. That personal touch isn’t just a fact; it’s a promise of individual care for your hair.

Care Artist Fiona:
Fiona’s tagline? “Where Care Meets Hair.” As a self-employed dynamo at The Hair Chapel, she’s not just styling; she’s crafting moments of care and commitment.

Hope: Emerging Stylist


Chilled Vibes and Hair Design:
Introducing Hope, our passionate first-year apprentice, who brings a chill vibe to the salon floor. When she’s not perfecting her craft, you’ll find her kicking back on weekends, indulging in her love for takeaway Thai cuisine. With a mellow spirit and a passion for hairdressing, she adds a touch of tranquility to every style she creates.
Smooth Operator Hope:
“Where Relaxation Meets Innovation, One Snip at a Time.”

Maisie: Emerging Stylist


Meet Maisie Johnston, the emerging stylist whose love for Mexican cuisine matches her zest for adventure. When she’s not crafting stunning hairstyles, you’ll find her spiking volleyballs or shooting hoops on the basketball court. With a social spirit and a taste for the bold, she infuses her creations with creativity and passion, making every salon visit an exciting experience.


Fun fact:
Did you know Maisie is a basketball champion.


“The Rising Stylist with a Passion for Mexican Flavors and Adventure!”

Cass: School Based Apprentice


Cass’s Learning Lab:
Introducing Cass, our Aussie-South African blend. Forget the usual “signature style”; let’s call it “Cass’s Learning Lab.” She’s not just styling; she’s a learning enthusiast, diving into her school-based apprenticeship. Your hair isn’t just styled; it’s part of her exciting journey in becoming a stellar hairdresser.

Aussie Adventure Apprentice:
Fun fact about Cass – she made the journey from South Africa to Australia three years ago. Now, she’s not just styling; she’s on an Australian adventure through her school-based apprenticeship. Get ready, your hair is her canvas for creativity and learning.

Cass’s Hair Dreams:
Cass, the aspiring hair maestro, born in South Africa and now crafting her skills in Australia. She’s not just a stylist; she’s a dreamer with scissors, eagerly awaiting the chance to transform your hair. Get ready for Cass’s passion-packed touch! 

Audrey: Welcome Ambassador

Audrey’s Warm Embrace:
Audrey, the heart of The Hair Chapel, is not just here to welcome you; she’s the most giving and caring soul around. Your visit isn’t just an appointment; it’s a warm embrace orchestrated by Audrey’s genuine care.

Irish Charm in Every Turnover:   
Meet Audrey, our Irish gem, who moved here with her family. Beyond her warm welcome, did you know she’s a fan of apple turnovers from the bakery next door? Your salon experience gets a touch of Irish sweetness with Audrey’s delightful taste.

Heartfelt Hospitality:
Because at The Hair Chapel, it’s not just about styling hair; it’s about creating an experience filled with genuine care and warmth. Audrey’s warm embrace is just the beginning of the heartfelt hospitality
you’ll find here.

Harriet: Salon Assistant

Introducing Harriet, a sun-loving soul with a passion for pasta and puppies! Born in England and now calling Australia home since 2016, she brings a taste of both worlds to her adventures. When she’s not shampooing hair or making g your favourite beverage , you’ll find her soaking up the sun, taking leisurely walks, or jet-setting to new destinations. With a furry friend by her side and a plate of carbonara in hand, she’s living her best life, one sunny day at a time.
“Where Sunshine, Pasta, and Paws Collide in Style!”


Our Happy Customers

FandV Hemetsberger
Read More
Last minute appointment which they accepted. I have a great hair dresser, a young man. He did a perfect colour and cut and I have thick curly black hair.
Beverley Cosgrove
Read More
The special treatment starts when you arrive, with the offer of a cuppa. The whole team at the Hair Chapel are very customer-focussed and ensure your visit is a great one. Thanks Iris, another great cut and colour!
Jennifer Conroy
Read More
Fiona is amazing, makes me feel so at ease and takes such great care of me. She’s always happy to let me do a bit of work or have a chat - whatever I need from that time and I always come away looking and feeling great! She is such a professional and knows exactly what my hair needs to look it’s best after I’ve neglected it for so long. Can’t recommend Fiona more highly!
Kimberly Sternes
Read More
Beautiful colour by Helena. I needed to rush to another appointment and she was very understanding in getting me out on time. All the other staff were friendly and the salon had a good fit out with plenty of space between clients.
Nichola R
Read More
My first visit today and I’ll never go anywhere else now ♥️ It was a lovely comfortable experience and I left feeling amazing. Staff are so welcoming and friendly, the products smell fabulous, Fiona really took her time to tame my neglected, rebellious mane and is clearly very talented. 5 star experience.
Kaz Davies
Read More
I’ve been coming to this salon for 5 years and Fiona has been my hairdresser the whole time. Her work is incredible, and I am always delighted with my hair when it’s been done, she’s amazing! 🤩
Annemaree Holman
Read More
Fiona at Hair Chapel is amazing. My hair is so healthy & suits me perfectly. She listens, she advises & is a master at her craft 😀😀

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