Hair and Humidity

While March may signify entering into the beautiful autumn season and the hot humid days should technically be coming to an end, we are quickly reminded that we live in tropical Queensland where any weather system may occur and the hot humid days are not just prone to the hot summer months.

If you suffer from the frustration of spending time and effort into straightening or curling your hair just to take a step out your front door where all that hard work vanishes in just a moment, you are not alone!

You may be asking yourself, WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN!!!

In a really simple answer – The moisture in the air wants to create equilibrium (balance between forces). So those of us with chemically treated, heat styled and naturally dry hair are going to feel the effects of humidity more than others. The greater the difference between the moisture of your hair and the moisture in the air – the greater reaction will be. Humidity (moisture in the air) causes a change in the way the protein bundles that make up each strand of hair which are bound together. There is no way to predict how much or where our hair decides to absorb the moisture, and this why it creates the unorganised differing bends, curls and shapes, causing the frizzy mess that we find so frustrating.

So how do we deal with it?

A few ways we can reduce the frizz frustration is simply by:

  • Embrace What You Have. Wear those unruly waves and curls with pride or pop it up in a classic topknot! We’re all in this together!
  • Product: There are many lotions and potions on the market to help reduce the frizz factor. We love the REDKEN Frizz Dismiss. The Frizz Dismiss range provides smoothing benefits and humidity protection for all types of frizzy hair. When used as a system it also provides enhanced shine, weightless frizz control and all-day humidity protection. Frizz Dismiss comes in a range of products including: shampoo and conditioner, instant deflate oil-in-serum, antistatic oil mist, mask and rebel tame heat protective leave-in cream (all available in our salon).
  • Keratin Treatment: These treatments are an amazing smoothing treatment for frizzy & unruly hair – perfect to tame your hair in the Queensland humidity and lasts between 3 – 6 months. We offer Keratin treatments in the salon so contact us for your Keratin treatment quote. 


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