I haven’t cut my hair in SO long and it still isn’t growing!

I haven’t cut my hair in SO long and it still hasn’t grown!

Does this statement sound all too familiar?

Did you know that regular “trims” actually help your hair to grow?

But HOW? If your hair is always growing then why would cutting it help it to grow? Sometimes what we don’t realise is, the damage being done on the ends of our hair hinders us from seeing our new growth.

We’ve all experienced those dreaded split ends once or twice right? (wink wink) You know, the little tears and little what balls on our hair strands? They are the culprit! And once that split end breaks off, whether it be the next time you brush your hair or heat styling, it creates another split end, causing the cycle to begin all over again…..

Split end = Breakage = New split end, repeat….

So, Let us help you grow your hair!

I’ll say it again…. Regular “trims” actually help your hair to grow!

Here are some tips for your next “I wan’t to grow my hair” trim.

1. Be Specific! Tell us a measurement to cut off or Let us know to take off the split ends and flyaway’s. Combating those split ends earlier helps to prevent that frustrating breakage cycle.

2. Get a good trim regularly. Every 10 – 12 weeks. This gives your hair enough time to grow but also allows us to cut off those ends and help to keep them in the best condition and help prevent those split ends appearing.

3. Use a heat protectant. We can help you with these in the salon!

4. Avoid heat styling every day.

“Your hair is constantly growing, but it won’t get any longer if it’s continually breaking” – Ashlee Allen


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